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So today... [Jan. 16th, 2011|10:54 am]
I have 4 hours free. I have a choice of watching True Blood on the sofa, Repo men, crazy heart or edge of darkness in bed, going to the cinema or sitting here doing research for film making. The latter is winning out so far...

First I will print off a dozen entries from 5 years ago when pregnant with Ivy to stick into the journal I started when pregnant-with all the best intentions I stopped writing in it too early!
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Woo lj app [Jan. 9th, 2011|09:11 pm]
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So now I have the LJ app I can actually start writing again!

I've got no idea what the icons at the bottom
Of the app are yet-I will investigate.

Not long home from a gorgeous stay with my cousin Lor and her almost two year old boy Ru. Seeing my cousins always feeds my soul and reminds me how little family support I have locally.

Listened to the Trueblood soundtrack all the way home-it's sumptuous listening :))

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Well Hello... [Sep. 16th, 2010|04:40 pm]
[Current Location |United Kingdom, Milton Keynes]


Its been a while eh.....? Thinking I will bring this journal back to life... Its been too long since I wrote properly and facebook doesnt quite cut it sometimes...
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Meesh [May. 28th, 2008|11:57 pm]
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[mood |tiredtired]

So I spent today trying to sort out uni...

Downside? Still no prints and no printer good enough to print them and no pro lab in MK... Still yet to write my 300 word critical analysis of a photographer too... No money to buy a folio tomo...

Plus side? Talked my way into an interview at northampton uni next week for their degree course too so now can decide between Westminster uni with it's very very good facilities and northampton with it's proximity to me...

Cute thing of the day? Matt curled up asleep on teh sofa right now... :)

so we're having a handfasting, maybe on summer solstice maybe on aug 1st... dunno wether to keep it down to 2 or 3 'witnesses' or wether to have a big event of it... Tending much toward a very personal ceremony and keep the big event for the 'more conventional' wedding....
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uni interview folio stress [May. 28th, 2008|03:26 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Life goes by so quickly and my life is full of so much that these sporadic posts just can't bridge the gaps...

Today I am mainly panicing about my university interview on friday for my photgraphy degree and I am trying to write a statement, a critic of aa photographer, choose my images for my folio, get them printed and decide how to present them.

Yes. two days before. *hand forehead*

Will I ever learn? doubt it...
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Kernow [May. 19th, 2008|11:04 am]
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[mood |enthralledenthralled]
[music |nina simone]


Matt arrived home to me at 10 pm sat night after a complicated afternoon with his kids and more to the point (ex) wife.

When he got home we decided to pack the truck and go to Cornwall! Brilliant!

We stuffed stuff in the truck, clothes, wash stuff, duvets and Music, coffee and food and left.

We drove through the night and arrived on Polzeath beach at 5 am, the sky was light and the tide was right in. We drove onto the beach and I, in my childlike excitement, bounced out of the truck and ran full pelt into the sea :D YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Then realised a) it was cold b) my DC's were soaked along with my trousers, knickers and socks and c) We needed to get some sleep! So I took of my wet clothes and we drove up onto the cliff top, parked up, made a bed in the back of the pick up curled up together, watched the ocean sparkling then cuddled up and slept for 4/5 hours.

I woke up and listened to Matt being awake, I could feel him watching the ocean and being ridiculously happy. He opened the back of the truck up properly and I Sat up next to him cuddled up in the duvet watching the ocean, the cliffs, the seagulls, the surfers and the sun playing among the waves. It was divine. What a way to spend a lazy sunday morning after having driven through the night!!!

We got up and out of the truck at 12 ish, i went to get washed and when I got back Matt was bouncing waiting ready to go down the cliffs to the sea :D I followed him down with the camera and found him stripped to his pants in the sea. Proper clear, clean gorgeous atlantic waves.

When he came out we sat on the rocks with the sea wrapping itself around our feet and we ate brie, dates and nachos for breakfast with the rest of our cold coffee. Perfect!

We stayed together on the rocks for 4 hours in the end just 'being' with each other and with the ocean. Feeling a beautiful oneness with nature and with ourselves and with each other. Utterly spiritual in it's beauty. I know it all sounds so cliche but the cliches are cliches for a damn good reason!

We walked into the village, drank tea by the carpark, walked over the beach and brought great coffee then went to find pistachio icecream which we took onto the beach to eat walking through the baby breaks of the waves on the shore. After me having a piggy back across the mid beach stream we went back up and sat on the rocks again. After an annoying interruption from Matts (ex) wife on the phone I got a bit defensive and a bit distant and cross so I walked up to the toilets and met Matt at the truck. To his full credit he let me tell him how pissed off I was, told me not to cry and told me to get it out of my head. It's not always that easy to get out of those silly emotional trips though...

We had both taken a piece of moonstone to recharge in the ocean and Matt said we shouldn't just let the sea wash over the stones we should generate more energy by jumping into the sea with our stones :/ ... Still a bit pissed off I could see where this was going and knew it would be good so we did it :)

It was amazing! (god i use that word sooo much lately...) It was freezing but we were together holding each other totally exhilarated. Suddenly Matt said we should so be naked doing this and I agreed so we pulled our wet clothes off while we were still in the sea and chucked them onto the rocks. We were in an alcove away from the main beach stood in a deep rock pool with the waves rushing in at us through a funnel neck in the rocks and sucking us out when the waves retreated. The power was just phenomenal! We had to hold onto each other and the rocks to keep ourselves from being dashed about! Unbelievably powerful and cleansing-like a natural and pagan baptism if you can get that...

We lay naked on the rocks for an hour after that together just being one, with nature and each other. Bliss. Like there was nothing but us at that time, no past no future no trappings just us and the earth.

We visited my close close friends an old couple called Eddie and Nora on our way home in their farm, arriving unannounced as I always do and that was gorgeous too.

We shared driving home and arrived home around 2.30 am.

What a gorgeous and perfect way to spend 24 hours!
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Whitby [May. 16th, 2008|12:43 pm]
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[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |noddy theme tune]

Ok, before I post a 'catch up' journal I got a question. When exactly is Whitby? I thought it was Sept the next one, is it 31 oct?
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OMG HEY EVERYONE!!! [May. 16th, 2008|11:33 am]
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[mood |happyhappy]
[music |death in vegas]

It has been eons since I was on here! Life has changed so much. Again ;)

I'll update properly in a bit just wanted to come say hello!!! xxx
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Private swimming pool? [Jun. 14th, 2007|12:04 pm]
[mood |determineddetermined]

This is a long shot but does anyone know anyone with a private swimming pool? It doesn't have to be big. I want to do a shoot with a fully dressed couple in water in darkness-a lake at night would be too damn cold I'm sure...

I can't see a public pool allowing me to use their pool for a shoot because I would be running high powered flash lights close to the wateer but I'm thinking if I could rent a private pool for a few hours I could do it there...
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Bouncy castle [May. 29th, 2007|01:23 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

Anyone know where I can hire a bouncy castle for next Sundays BBQ here? Cheaply! Want some entertainment for the kids that can be utilized by us so-called-adults too :)
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